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Thursday, January 10, 2019
6:00 - 9:00 PM

Available exclusively to REIA Volunteers!


REIA, the Real Estate Investors Association of Washington, is one of the most active real estate investing associations in the country.

REIA has a higher level of both association events and investors who are pursing or doing deals than can be found at most clubs.  REIA was established in 2007 by volunteers and even now, nearly twelve years later, remains a volunteer-managed association.  REIA's focus is education, networking and team building for investors at all experience levels in many different investing specialties.  As a volunteer-managed association we have no payroll to meet and can focus on top-notch - not top dollar  education to build or grow the REIA Membership's investing skills.

Volunteers are among REIA's greatest assets.

REIA Volunteers selflessly share their talents, time, energy and expertise, with our thanks, to benefit all REIA Members as we continue to grow a phenomenal REIA with education and networking unsurpassed in the Puget Sound!  

REIA Volunteer Orientation & Training Tuesday, January 08, 2019  

What does it take to be a REIA Volunteer?

REIA Volunteers must be REIA Members, have a positive attitude, a good work ethic and the ability to follow procedures. We are looking for loyalty to the association with a strong desire to contribute to our (and your!) success along with the ability and desire to effectively communicate with other Volunteers, General and Business Members, Speakers and Board Members.  All REIA Volunteers must sign a REIA Volunteer Agreement and attend at least one REIA Volunteer Orientation & Training each year.

REIA Volunteer Opportunities

REIA Volunteer Opportunities abound at the majority of the nearly 80 association events scheduled in 2019, working with REIA Member Benefits and more!  

Opportunities include Greeters, Audio Visual, Videographer, Member and Guest Support, Registration / Check-In, Military / Veteran Member Support and more, We will work with you to help you find the best fit/s to utilize your time and skills and will provide initial training at this meeting.  

We want your Volunteer experience at REIA to be fun and mutually beneficial!

REIA Volunteer Benefits!

REIA Volunteers enjoy a higher level of networking and much, much more.

REIA Volunteers enjoy networking with REIA Members, REIA Guests, Speakers and Business Associates and can play an active role in the management of the Association.  REIA Volunteers have preferred seating at REIA Events, recognition at REIA meetings, discounted or complimentary attendance at REIA Classes, can earn free REIA Membership Renewal after the first year and other Volunteer-only bonuses Heck, you'll even have first dubs on doughnuts occasionally available at classes and hors d'oeuvres at REIA Semi-Annual Networking Events!  Please visit the Volunteer Rewards page for additional information.  Like so many things in life, "you get back what you give"!

REIA Volunteer Orientation & Training Tuesday, January 08, 2019   REIA Volunteer Orientation & Training is only available to current and committed future Volunteers.  This meeting is not open to the general REIA Membership or those who are not yet REIA Members.  Please contact REIA by phone, email or text to request registration to attend this training!

Not a REIA Member yet?  REIA Members save through REIA Member Benefits, build or grow your real estate investing team of "investor friendly" businesses through the REIA Business Associates Directory, exchange questions, answers, resources and deals with other REIA Members through the REIA Member Forum and have access to useful resources, articles and more in the REIA Member Area!  REIA Members also attend the REIA Main Meeting and all REIA Chapters free of charge, save nearly 25% on REIA Continuing Education classes and attend events - including the REIA Semi-Annual Networking Event and REIA Master Mind Group - that are available exclusively to REIA Members.  

All experience levels are welcome at REIA.
What are you waiting for?


REIA is simply the best source of education and networking for real estate investors in the Puget Sound.  Join us for the REIA Main Meeting on the second Monday of each month in Bellevue, periodic Chapter meetings at Everett REIA, Seattle REIA and Tacoma REIA, REIA Wholesalers Round Table discussion group and frequent REIA Continuing Education classes.  REIA Members are also welcome and encouraged to attend REIA Semi-Annual Networking Events and monthly round-table "Master Mind" Group Meetings!
Each REIA Main Meeting and REIA Chapter Meeting features an expert in our industry, an assortment of perspective Business Associates to build your real estate investing teams and ONE FULL HOUR of networking with other investors!  All experience levels are welcome at REIA events!  Bring LOTS of tough questions for our Speakers and Business Associates!
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