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Lawmakers & Links


Links to additional information that REIA receives regarding legislation and law
along with contact information for our lawmakers are available on this website


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State and Federal Laws, Rules, Bills and Proposed Changes

02/2014:  Distressed Property Conveyance Act - New Opinion from Washington State Supreme Court
03/2012:  SHB 2194:  Manufactured+Mobile Home Landlord Tenant Law Update
04/2010:  SBCC Memo on Carbon Monoxide Detectors 
04/2010:  RCW 19.27.530:  Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements
04/2010:  EPA Rule on Lead in Paint, Dust and Soil: Renovation, Repair and Painting
06/2009:  HR 1728:  (Federal) Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act
02/2009:  SB 5221:  Regarding Distressed Property Conveyances (companion to HB 1132)
02/2009:  HB 1132:  Regulating Distressed Property Conveyance, House Bill Report
02/2009:  HB 1132:  Regulating Distressed Property Convenyance, Brief Summary
01/2009:  REET: Application of Real Estate Tax on Short Sales
01/2009: (Septic)
08/2008:  SHB 1843: Dept of L & I--Final WAC effective 09-04-08
06/2008:  HB 2791: Washington Association of REALTORS® Video on law changes
06/2008:  SHB 1843: Dept of L & I--CR 103 Rule-Making Order
06/2008:  SHB 1843: Dept of L & I--Cost-Benefit Analysis Information
06/2008:  SHB 1843: Proposed Rule Making For SHB 1843-- July 22 2008 Public Hearing
06/2008:  HB 2791:  Press Release from the Washington State Office of the Attorney General
04/2008:  S. 2888:  US Senate Bill, the "Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Act of 2008"
04/2008:  HB 2791: Final Bill Report
03/2008:  HB 2791: The Bill as it PASSED Legislature
03/2008:  HB 2791:  Distressed Property Conveyances
03/2008:  L & I Memo: Changes to Contractor Registration Law
03/2008:  SHB 1843: REIA Position Letter to L & I available for review at REIA on request
03/2008:  SHB 1843: REIA CALL TO ACTION
03/2008:  SHB 1843: Proposed WAC (Washington Administrative Code) Enforcement Rules
12/2007:  SHB 1843: Recent Changes to the Contractors Registration Law
04/2007:  SHB 1843: Modifying Provision Regulating Contractors, as it passed Legislature

More coming...


This page will be updated as warranted, so check back often!

REIA Legislative Updates pages include commentary from REIA, updates on legislation and related links to many changes in Legislative, Laws and Rules Changes but IS NOT intended to serve as legal advice and does not include ALL changes OR all information related to the changes listed. For a complete list of Legislative Issues that affect real estate investors, including landlords and rehabbers, please follow the links (above) to the Washington State Legislature, check other Local and Federal websites and consult with an attorney. 


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